I’ve made an awesome background paper image, can you add it in your next edition?
Yes, we’d like to. Please let us know how COOL it is.

I know another handwriting font and who has made it, could you add it for me?
Yes, we will try to include it for you. Let us know have the necessary contact information of the author.

I want my iHandwrite message posted as a sample to the public, is it possible?
Of course, we will exhibit it for you and make credit to you. You’re not going to be richer, but being famous is always fun.

Suddenly texts have disappeared on the preview screen, what should I do?
Texts seemed to be dragged out of boundary, and you can fix it by dragging them again onto the background image. Even though you cannot see them, you can still move the location.

*As we received several repots on this issue, the updated version of iHandwrite has been submitted to App Store, waiting for the approval. With the new version, texts on the preview screen cannot be moved outside the specified boundary, and it will also revert to the default location if texts has not been located in the proper position.

Thanks for this nice app! What can I do for you?
Thank you! Good reviews are always welcome, and please do not forget that you leave a 5-star review on iTunes App Store. :)
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