Added: Post to Twitter directly

By v1.3, you can update your twitter status directly from @iHandwrite . Your message will be stored through yfrog (by ImageShack,) and the url is automatically linked to your twitter post.
Also, iHandwrite messages can be saved to your iPhone/iPod touch photo album, where you may use it later.

@iHandwrite is now featured as a Staff Pick in App Store (Japan)

Thanks a bundle to our great users! We’ll continue to listen to your voice.

Added: Personalized background papers support

From v1.2, background papers can be personalized with the photo taken (iPhone) or picked up from the photo library (iPhone/iPod.) Enjoy!

Follow us on twitter @iHandwrite

We’ve just opened a twitter account @iHandwrite for our fans. Share your discoveries, and give us precious feedbacks.
We might add the feature to directly post your iHandwrite message to your twitter, once we understand how much you like twittering!

Added: Korean language support

In v1.1, the localized interface for Korean users, and Korean fonts have been added by courtesy of Ho-Seok Ee. We really appreciate your support.

Now Available in App Store

"iHandwrite" is an e-mail decoration tool for making your ordinary e-mails into mind-blowing fashionable handwriting style ones.
It initially provides three(3) real handwriting fonts, and a dozen(12) of splendid background papers, which you can easily mix and match to deliver your touching messages.

Finally you are going to have the alternative way to send a charming message, though your handwriting is not consistent or even bad enough to avoid leaving a memo. iHandwrite's fonts contain Japanese characters (Hirakana, Katakana, and Kanji) as well, so you can make a magnificent postcard in Japanese, too.

From a daily memo, iHandwrite can convey your personal feelings in a stylish and right way.
Also, your image from friends and colleagues will be re-branded with fancier one by receiving your impressive and adorable iHandwrite messages.


- Three (3) real handwriting fonts
- Twelve (12) splendid background papers
- Nine (9) colors of texts; white, yellow, blue, green, red, magenta, orange, gray, and black
- Supports dragging texts to align
- Sends iHandwrite message through iPhone/iPod touch's built-in Mail program, which can retrieve recipients' addresses from the Contacts app