Added: Korean language support

In v1.1, the localized interface for Korean users, and Korean fonts have been added by courtesy of Ho-Seok Ee. We really appreciate your support.

Now Available in App Store

"iHandwrite" is an e-mail decoration tool for making your ordinary e-mails into mind-blowing fashionable handwriting style ones.
It initially provides three(3) real handwriting fonts, and a dozen(12) of splendid background papers, which you can easily mix and match to deliver your touching messages.

Finally you are going to have the alternative way to send a charming message, though your handwriting is not consistent or even bad enough to avoid leaving a memo. iHandwrite's fonts contain Japanese characters (Hirakana, Katakana, and Kanji) as well, so you can make a magnificent postcard in Japanese, too.

From a daily memo, iHandwrite can convey your personal feelings in a stylish and right way.
Also, your image from friends and colleagues will be re-branded with fancier one by receiving your impressive and adorable iHandwrite messages.


- Three (3) real handwriting fonts
- Twelve (12) splendid background papers
- Nine (9) colors of texts; white, yellow, blue, green, red, magenta, orange, gray, and black
- Supports dragging texts to align
- Sends iHandwrite message through iPhone/iPod touch's built-in Mail program, which can retrieve recipients' addresses from the Contacts app