VoIP Based Intelligent Business Solution LAUNCHES: PRESS RELEASE

OTTAWA, ON, December 4, 2007 – SoftOpinion Group Corporation(SOGC), an independently owned IT company specializing in IT consulting services for international business affairs, is proud to announce the open source Asterisk-based EasyPhonebox(IP-PBX) and unlimited long distance, international outgoing ServiceBackplans through VoIP-PSTN gateway technology.

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  1. Podolgo vreme One imaat odlichna pondua. Verojatno najdobar odnos kvalitet/cena. Ama ova so cena za vospostavuvanje povik im e najglupo neshto shto go napravile. Sami si se vrakjaat od percepcija na operator koj raboti bez skrieni troshoci (i reklami imaa so koja gi trolaa T-Mobile i Vip) vo standarden operator. Tapa poteg.

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