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2010/4/21 Wednesday - Posted by Administrator - no comments

April 20, 2010 – With many customers’ support, BabySight is featured as New and Noteworthy or Hot in App Store from several European countries. Among them, BabySight was even once listed as #1 top paid app under LifeStyle category in Finland. Thanks! For more stories, please follow us @

2010/2/11 Thursday - Posted by Administrator - no comments

February 11, 2010 – “iHandwrite” is an e-mail decoration tool for making your ordinary e-mails into mind-blowing fashionable handwriting style ones. Finally you are going to have the alternative way to send a charming message, though your handwriting is not consistent or even bad enough to avoid leaving a memo. iHandwrite’s fonts contain Japanese characters (Hirakana, Katakana, and Kanji) as well, so you can make a magnificent postcard in Japanese, too. For details, please visit the Official Website.

2010/1/29 Friday - Posted by Administrator - no comments

January 29, 2009 – BabySight 2.0 uses the WiFi network to transmit audio/video monitoring signals over the boundary of home/office networks.  The existing customers have given free upgrades immediately after its update in App Store, however those who are upgrading from v1.x should download the new BabySight Desktop (2.0) application, too.  For details, please visit the Official Website.

2010/1/14 Thursday - Posted by Administrator - 3 comments

For current and new customers of BabySight for iPhone, we’ve publicly released a new desktop application. This version magically improves the performance and resolved the frequent crash issue in specific situations, while seamlessly working with BabySight iPhone application v1.0 in App Store. Download now! In the near future, BabySight v2.0 (with the capability of monitoring from outside of your home network) is going to be published, and all the existing customers will be given a FREE upgrade.