Need Beta Testers — We are releasing “BabySight Desktop for Windows” beta

April 28, 2010 – Due to the high demand from our customers, we have developed the baby monitor app for Windows users, and are releasing public beta.  If you have the iPhone/iPod touch, as well as a PC with webcam (either built-in or USB external one), then please participate in the public beta testing of our soon-to-be-released product.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Please visit the following site for more detail:

BabySight Desktop v1.5 is ready to download.

For current and new customers of BabySight for iPhone, we’ve publicly released a new desktop application. This version magically improves the performance and resolved the frequent crash issue in specific situations, while seamlessly working with BabySight iPhone application v1.0 in App Store.

Download now!

In the near future, BabySight v2.0 (with the capability of monitoring from outside of your home network) is going to be published, and all the existing customers will be given a FREE upgrade.