BabySight Desktop v1.5 is ready to download.

For current and new customers of BabySight for iPhone, we’ve publicly released a new desktop application. This version magically improves the performance and resolved the frequent crash issue in specific situations, while seamlessly working with BabySight iPhone application v1.0 in App Store.

Download now!

In the near future, BabySight v2.0 (with the capability of monitoring from outside of your home network) is going to be published, and all the existing customers will be given a FREE upgrade.

Social Rhythm is now ready for sale in App Store

December 6, 2009 – With Social Rhythm it not only surveys your daily fortune for recreational purpose but it can also analyze any future day’s compatibility chart on a specific topic such as planning crucial meeting, buy a lottery ticket together or going out on a date. For details, please visit the Official Website.

Editors Note: We are currently providing limited numbers of free copies (promotional codes) for reviewers and industry analysts. Please contact us via e-mail with the brief description of your position. Thank you.

Help for your iPhone business

September 30, 2009 – We are now providing our top-notch business and technology consulting services on iPhone application development. Your brilliant idea will shine finally. Even though you just need to make one for your own use, please discuss with us for the world’s fastest turnaround time and the quality of Japanese standards.