iHandwrite is now featured as a Staff Pick in App Store (Japan)

April 21, 2010 – Japanese staffs at App Store have finally chosen our iHandwrite (日本名「てがきめえる」) as a Staff Pick application. Thanks a bundle to our supporters! and we’ll continue to listen to your voice. For more stories, please follow us @


Social Rhythm is now ready for sale in App Store

December 6, 2009 – With Social Rhythm it not only surveys your daily fortune for recreational purpose but it can also analyze any future day’s compatibility chart on a specific topic such as planning crucial meeting, buy a lottery ticket together or going out on a date. For details, please visit the Official Website.

Editors Note: We are currently providing limited numbers of free copies (promotional codes) for reviewers and industry analysts. Please contact us via e-mail with the brief description of your position. Thank you.